Farm & Market

Heritage Farm

Box 175, Spirit River, Alberta, T0H3G0

Phone: 780-765-3276


Serving Canadian Small Farms and Urban Agriculture enthusiasts, Heritage Farm is an educational nursery in Northwestern Canada that has been growing, saving and researching heirloom seeds and plants for generations. They offer workshops and resources for new growers to learn about northern Canadian permaculture design, organic gardening and small farm production. Each year a limited supply of open pollinated heritage seeds and plants suited for northern Canadian gardens is selected and made available on a first come first serve basis for students and growers. Due to recent COVID-19 protocols, the workshops and nursery tours are currently running as scheduled events by advance registration. Be sure to sign up on their website for email updates about workshops that teach you how to start seeds, grow plants and care for your new garden as you begin your journey towards a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.