Bad Heart Straw Church

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    The Bad Heart Straw Church is located roughly 50 kilometres northeast of Grande Prairie on a hill overlooking the Bad Heart River. The simple L-shaped  building features gable roofs, a central steeple, and a bank of windows in the gable end above the main entrance. The exterior is clad in rough stucco and the sides of the church are notably windowless. Fr. Dales was an experienced architect and beloved pastor. He recognized that the people of Bad Heart possessed only modest resources and seized upon straw bale construction as a practical, economical way to construct a church. The chuch was constructed of rye straw bales, with the oils in the rye acting as a preservative to help maintain the structure longer. To simplify the church’s design and ensure the stability of the walls and the truss roof, no window openings were included on the sides of the building. It was built in the 1950’s the bad heart straw church serviced the small community just east of Grande Prairie known as the Community of Bad Heart named after the river that flows through the area. The community was made up of soldiers from world war one who were given land in the area after the war.


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