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    The Facility
    The facility is set up with Aaron and Eva living in the same building, so your loved pet is never alone!

    Cleanliness and safety are top priorities at Elevation Dogs. We have top notch, safe indoor facilities designed for a stress free environment. Outside we have large pens with shade and a water pool for those hot summer days. And, of course, we have a large (30×100) play area where your dog can really stretch out and burn off some steam by him or herself or with some buddies playing fetch and romping around!

    Indoor Dog Boarding Kennels
    5 x 5 ft dimensions
    Cozy resting/sleeping areas
    Smooth surface concrete floor (easy to keep sanitary)
    Wood stove heated building to keep warm
    Outdoor Dog Boarding Kennels
    SMALL: 12 x 4 ft dimensions
    LARGE: 100 x 30 ft dimensions
    Dog House included for protection from the elements
    Shade Tarp
    Doggy Pool
    Toys, Toys, Toys!
    What to bring:
    enough food for your dog’s stay with us
    a well-fitted collar on your dog
    record of vaccinations (can be emailed to us ahead of time)
    Registration form & Waiver (found here)
    dog bed (blanket, crate, anything to make your dog comfortable) – optional
    toys and treats – optional
    Dog Boarding Prices:
    Overnight boarding for one dog: $32/day + GST
    2 dogs (same owner) sharing kennel: $50/day + GST
    3 dogs (same owner) sharing kennel: $68/day + GST
    Please contact us for an appointment and any further inquiries.

    Find all our Services & Extras here

    Please make sure all vaccines are up-to-date at least 14 days before drop-off.

    All our guests are required to be up to date on all their shots for the entire stay with us.
    Required vaccinations include:

    Annual (DA2PP or an absolute minimum of Canine Distemper and Parvovirus)
    Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

    *Titer accepted!*

    We also suggest to worm your dog regularly. Please do so not within 5 days of check in with Elevation Dogs.

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