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Announcement from GP Region High Level and Area Evacuees.


Grande Prairie at Capacity:

The Grande Prairie Reception Centre’s ability to accommodate evacuees is at capacity. Please only register at the Reception Centre in the community you were directed to in the evacuation order. Evacuees unsure of which Reception Centre they are to register with please call the Alberta Government general inquiries line at

All evacuees are to stay in the community they have originally registered in, and avoid moving to a Reception Centre in a different community. Once an evacuee has been assigned a place to stay, we cannot change their hotel or hotel room.

We thank everyone for their understanding and cooperation as we work to ensure everyone has a safe place to stay during this emergency situation.

The Grande Prairie Regional Partnership (GPREP) has remained active and is currently assisting in the Northwestern Alberta Wildfires. Currently deployed we have two engines, one tender, two structural protection units, and 11 firefighters.

To date 792 evacuees have been registered at the Reception Centre. They are residing in regional hotels.


Information for Evacuees in Grande Prairie

Wildfire evacuees in Grande Prairie are encouraged to stay up-to-date on local resources:

By visiting: www.gprep.ca
Public Information Line: 780-567-5587
Town of High Level’s Website at: www.highlevel.ca
Alberta Wildfire website at: wildfire.alberta.ca
Download the Alberta Emergency Alert app
Highway information please monitor the AB highway 511 website.

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