12:11pm May 6th, 2020 [Instagram Hashtag]

“Conk-a-ree!” This dapper gentleman took a fair amount of patience and a whole lot of luck to photograph. I had initially parked beside a marsh along a dusty backroad to spy on a pair of mallards. But the iconic and delightful call from this red-winged blackbird distracted me. .

I’ve never had much luck with these guys, as they seem to keep a fair distance and change perches whenever they feel uncomfortable. I managed to get close to this one by pretending to be VERY interested in the ground as I slowly zig-zagged my way sort of towards it. Then when I aimed my camera at it, I made sure to pull the digital display out sideways so that I was facing perpendicular from the bird. .

Bingo. .

Apparently I’ve been feeling inspired lately by @brisbinbirds and @dsouthern18 .

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