2:30pm June 10th, 2019 [Facebook][Main]

It’s Member Monday!!

This week we’d like to welcome a new member… Saskatoon Lake Community Hall!!

The Saskatoon Lake Agriculture Society operates out of the Saskatoon Lake Community Hall. It’s a Non-Profit organization run by a board of directors. The Hall is home to a wide variety of groups for all ages: Tumble Tots play group, 4H, Girl Guides, Weavers, and Flat City Swing dance.

The Hall also hosts numerous events including FREE Family Movie Nights, Family Day Celebrations, Pot Lucks, and Community Garage Sales!

For more information on the hall and events:
Phone: 780-766-3118
Website: http://saskatoonlakecommunityhall.weebly.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HallSask?lang=en


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