2:30pm June 3rd, 2019 [Facebook][Main]

It’s Member Monday!!

This week we’d like to welcome new member Northwest Consultants to the GPRTA family!

Established in 1999, Northwest Consultants provides tourism, marketing, and general business consulting services with a proven track record in tourism, technology, and service industries in Canada and abroad.

Over time they have collectively amassed extensive expert knowledge and experience in strategy and planning in these sectors, that includes Destination Development & Management, Product Development using Best Practices approaches, proven processes, methods, and techniques to set up every project for success that works every time.

They’re currently working in our Region on the first ever Destination Management Plan that’s exploring and evaluating our current tourism landscape!

For more information on Northwest Consultants:

Website: http://nwconsultants.ca/
Phone: 780-965-1269


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