2:51pm April 12th, 2020 [Facebook][Main]

❤Happy Sunday Grande Prairie?

The Cure for Covid Cabin Fever!!

??This week many of us celebrated one holiday or another. Isolation has not been easy with the holidays but, we are doing so well??

Despite not having our loved ones with us and not having items essential to our celebrations, we are weathering an important storm.

How are you celebrating?

How have you been able to inject a little celebration ?into your holidays?

(?A personal share; a group of people practicing physical distancing, paraded down my street with signs and calling Happy Easter to my neighbours. It was heartwarming and a lovely gesture❤ We were so grateful to see them. Thanks folks?)

Be well Grande Prairie. Stay healthy. Celebrate and Show off your pics?

#HereForYou #StaycationForTheNation #CabinFever #Cure #Wellness #PhysicalDistancing

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