4:51pm May 11th, 2019 [Instagram Hashtag]

I had an idea the other day, partly to celebrate mother’s day, partly to celebrate that I officially started a photo company, cause why not ???. The idea was to do a “2-3 part series” using only animals I have photographed in May 2019, with a theme in mind – just in time for mother’s day. It also gave me a bit of a challenge to find (and photo) both a mother and a child of different species. So, each day over the weekend I’ll release a new part to the series “A Mother’s Watch pt. 1/2/3”. Good idea / bad idea? Let me hear some thoughts! o
#whitetail #deer #whitetaildeer #doe #fawn #sharecangeo #canoneosr #sigma #natgeoyourshot #mygpab #gptourism

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