Jeffery’s – A Local Gem

Lance Warkentin, a self-described farm kid who got lost in the kitchen, grew up on a multi generational working family farm along the Puskwaskgua River just off the Smoky River. From early age, he along with his siblings helped out with the daily chores – both inside and outside. From the kitchen to the combine, in the church and community, Lance’s natural giftings were cultivated and grown.

A self-taught visionary with a curiosity for dough and a need to make some as well as an innate desire to create landed him a job creating and baking pastries at the Grand Prairie Farmers Market in 1999. Just a year later Lance was catering special events under the banner of White Sail Event Catering.

With the rapid expansion of the catering business to three separate locations by 2001, the original Jeffrey’s Centre Cafe rested in the Creative Arts Centre, while the purchase of Gourmade in 2002 relocated their catering hub until ’04.

Now with locations on Park Street, West Side and Nordic Court, Warkentin continues a long-standing tradition of bringing eclectic international fare to the good people of Grand Prairie. The extensive menus offered here are hand-picked and comprised of Lance’s travel experiences the world over.

The journeys of our customers – our friends, family & neighbours actually – have become our journey as well. We’ve shared a LOT of life together and without each other, our stories would be lacking and dull. So the opportunity to serve, to create and to love have been a huge part, and will be a huge part of Jeffrey’s.

Jeffrey’s has been far from a solo project – there have been an abundance of family and friends who have made is possible. The goodness of Christ in what He has done and continues to do in through those who He has brought into this story. All praise goes to Jesus.


They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and the same falls true to our Park Street location. For 11 years, breads, biscuits and all sorts of delicious meals have had their start in our kitchen. With a cozy cafe atmosphere, Park Street is the perfect place to bring a book to read while enjoying your lunch – either solo or with a small group. Intimate and welcoming, our heart beats with bustling hands, laughter and chatter.


Perhaps our most recognizable location, for the past 9 years the high ceilings and big windows of West-side have mimicked the continuing growth of Jeffrey’s through our cafes and catering. Our ever revolving collection of knick knacks and art for sale keep the decor always changing! With ample seating for large groups and open spaces, West side doubles as our most popular venue rental as well as your favorite place for a light supper or a coffee date.


Located slightly sideways to the heartbeat of Grande Prairie’s unique and bustling downtown on 99th Street, Nordic Court is where downtown business and meandering shoppers come together for laughter and lattes. Featuring sidewalk art, irregular coffee houses (soon to be more a habit than a special occurrence) with the perfect people watching bar, Nordic is the newest of our spaces at 6 years young.

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