9 Insta-Worthy Backdrops (Fall Edition)

9 Insta-Worthy Backdrops (Fall Edition)

We love summer. We love winter. Wedged in between is fall and we love that too (as brief as it is in northern Alberta). Seize the moment this year and snap some gorgeous shades of gold and russet before they’re gone, and really make your Instagram feed shine.

1. Mt. Louie, Grande Cache

At 11km there and back, you can leave the heels at home for this one. But with the right set of boots, the Mt. Louie Trail offers spectacular views of the Grand Cache forests in their fall transition.


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2. Muskoseepi Trails Viewpoint, Grande Prairie

Did you know that the Japanese have a tradition known as ‘koyo’? It means the observation and appreciation of the colours of the leaves as they change in autumn. Well, the Muskoseepi Trails Viewpoint is koyo – only Peace Country style. #peacecountrykoyo anyone?


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3. Grain Bin Brewery Patio, Grande Prairie

Complementing the shades of the leaves perfectly this season are the colours of the tasty brews served up at the Grain Bin Brewery. From rich red ales to vivid amber lagers, telling people you’re ‘maintaining the aesthetic’ of your Instagram page is a perfect excuse to order a few pints.

4. Sulphur Gates, Grande Cache

Sulphur Gates landed at #1 on our springtime Instagram list. It’s not hard to see why – a view that nice combined with ease of access makes it tough to beat. By fall, the stunning cyan waters of spring have faded, but that only allows the fiery shades of the trees to take centre stage.


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5. Red Willow Falls, Elmworth

Red Willow Falls lies right on the border with B.C., but it is well worth the drive out. The water level is usually low at this time of year, revealing a rugged chasm filled with distinct and dramatic rock formations perfect for striking a pose against. As always around bodies of water, and rivers in particular, exercise caution when you’re in the area!


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6. Paradis Valley Honey Farm, Birch Hills County

Catch the bees before they’re gone for the winter! Located on the Smoky River about a 90-minute drive northwest of Grande Prairie, the Paradis Valley Honey Farm draws from seven generations worth of bee-keeping experience to produce the highest quality raw honey. If the promise of golden honey and amber hives – colours to help you ‘maintain the aesthetic’, remember – isn’t enough to draw you in, the gorgeous hand-painted mural of flowers that decorates their building surely is.

7. Kleskun Hill Park, Grande Prairie

A short drive east of Grande Prairie on Highway 43 lies Kleskun Hill Park, a popular spot for families and couples to explore and photograph year-round. The badlands vibe makes for some great backdrops. Keep your eyes out for dinosaur bones while you’re there – over the years, palaeontologists and day-trippers have uncovered many fossils in the park.

8. Magoo’s Landing / The Wapiti River, Grande Prairie

Just to the south of Grande Prairie, the Wapiti River runs shallow, revealing a stony bed that is a popular place for boaters to launch from. For those in hunt of a selfie, the soft pastel hues of slate and pebble offer a peaceful scene to channel your zen.

9. Dunvegan Bridge, Fairview

Rounding off our list is Alberta’s largest suspension bridge, which really finds its time to shine in fall. After all, the colour of it is very on brand with autumn, don’t you think?


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That’s all for now. Hopefully, we’ve sparked your imagination, but keep in mind that Grande Prairie is a vast place hiding many secrets. There’s plenty of other photo opportunities out there, just waiting to be found. Get out there, get hunting, and tag us on Instagram when you get back – we’ll share our favourites!

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