Helen Beaulieu
Visitor Services Manager

Helen Beaulieu

Born and raised in Edmonton, Helen moved to Grande Prairie after graduating college in 1986. Her first job was a Tour Guide for, then Procter and Gamble (now Weyerhaeuser), so she feels this position at GPRTA is like coming full circle. Since that first job, Helen has put down roots in Grande Prairie, getting married, having her two babies and now getting to be a Grandma. Her career path led to working as a graphic designer, production coordinator and manager in the print, sign and vehicle graphics industries. She started with the daily newspaper and has worked for Parsons Printing, Menzies Printers and TrimFX. Now, she is excited to be taking a new direction back into the world of tourism. It is so much fun everyday to meet new people. It is such a great “job” showing off all our region has to offer to visitors from all over the world.

Sheila Schabb
Gift Shop Manager & Visitor Services Travel Counsellor

Sheila Schabb

After my children and I followed the love of my life to Grande Prairie in 2002 we settled in and bought a home in Royal Oaks. We soon found ourselves proud to call Grande Prairie our home. By 2005 I had many great friends here and got married.

I managed a few businesses and then moved on to work for the Catholic school board as well as the City. While working for the City I found myself loving the interaction with tourists and the locals, helping them find the many wonderful attractions and things to do in Grande Prairie. So when the opportunity came for me to join the Grande Prairie Regional Tourism Association I was so excited to expand my knowledge of the region and share it with others.

I have gone from a part-time position to a full time position and now to a casual position as my life changes so have my positions.  I am loving my role and people in this wonderful organization.

Threza Schlenkrich
Visitor Services Travel Counsellor

Threza Schlenkrich

Originally from Calgary, Threza has called Grande Prairie home for 16 years. She is the newest member of the team at GPRTA. She brings with her previous experience in museums, arenas and recreation facilities in the area, having a flair for the arts, music, health and wellness.

Threza is excited to expand upon her customer service forte to travel. An adventurous traveller herself, one year she drove to and lived in Mexico for 5 months.

Working also for the County of Grande Prairie, in the Spring/summer season, she brings a community BBQ to events to serve public functions, discovering many hidden gems in the Peace Country and meeting a variety of people from all walks of life. She has enjoyed a  wide variety of activities, places and events in the Peace Country because of her love of travel and the arts. Being a farm girl at heart, she has found northern Alberta preferable to the big city life she had in Calgary.

At home she loves to garden, babysit grandkids, attend art shows and live music, play piano and write songs. You may have seen her performing at public events around the area.

With much enthusiasm Threza joins the team GPRTA team. She is happy to help people explore and discover the rich and diverse area we live in, finding things to do for sports, community,  beauty, culture, entertainment, quiet nature, travel and everything in between.