County of

Grande Prairie No. 1

The County is an all-season recreation paradise with a little bit of everything within its borders.



The County of grande prairie

The County of Grande Prairie spans the Saddle Hills in the north to the Wapiti River in the south and stretches east from the Smoky River to the B.C. border. The landscape is diverse, including prairie; rivers, creeks, and small lakes; a mixed boreal forest; and the province’s northernmost badlands. This contrasting landscape creates different habitats for a variety of wildlife.

The history is just as rich, with evidence of humans dating back to 9,000–10,000 B.C. when the now fertile farmland was covered by a vast glacier. For pre-human history, dinosaur fossils are being excavated from Kleskun Hill, Pipestone Creek, and the Red Willow River.

Outdoor enthusiasts have plenty of options in the County, including canoeing, jet-boating, parasailing, fishing, wildlife watching, geocaching, hiking, cycling, snowmobiling, and ATV riding. There are also farmer’s markets, festivals, cultural events, golf courses, museums, rodeos, and historic sites to explore.



  • Kleskun Hills Natural Area
  • LaGlace
  • Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum
  • Valhalla