Spring 2022 Newsletter

Executive Director’s Message

Three, two, one … go!

With continued lifting of pandemic-related restrictions and mandates, travelers are experiencing an urge to get away from home like never before – to break free of their Covid cocoons.

For some, that means their first international trip in more than two years. For others, travel even within the province will be considered a treat long in coming.

We’re already seeing signs of that with a sharp increase in flights and highway traffic. Airports and airlines anticipate a return to pre-Covid travel numbers within a few months. Destination Canada is projecting an unprecedented year of travel and tourism.

This represents a great opportunity for tourism-related businesses and attractions in the Grande Prairie region.

That was underlined when we attended the Calgary Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show in mid March.

When the show doors opened, it was like a tidal wave of humanity poured into the building.

People just kept coming and coming. It was two solid days of promoting the area. People, in general, were looking for new and undiscovered opportunities that they hadn’t experience before. Hiking trails, fishing and camping were just a few of the main topics about this region people were asking about.

Being able to go places that don’t necessarily have huge costs, but provide a wow factor was a priority. If what we experienced in Calgary is indicative of the rest of the province, it truly will be a tourism season unlike any other previously.

Unprecedented travel is the expected norm. GPRTA staff at Centre 2000 are gearing up to welcome all the visitors and guests to our region.

We encourage members to put their best foot forward to make the visitor experience memorable so travelers will feel like extending their stays or returning – remember that your guests may be on a staycation or have traveled from not too far away.

Please be mindful that some visitors may continue to practice Covid-related safety measures in your location. We ask you to be understanding of their concerns. Some people remain nervous about travel but are trying to achieve a balance.

Recognizing the timeliness of augmenting our efforts to promote the region, the GPRTA launched a new brand earlier this year in collaboration with WJ Communications.

Our new brand has been embraced not only the region, but when displayed in Calgary, people thought it was amazing and stunning.

The new logo highlighted by the image of the sundial outside our Centre 2000 location and the Northern Lights, coupled with the tagline Untapped. Unfiltered. Unforgettable makes a bold statement about the region.

Our new jeep wrap is not only eye-catching but is opening up opportunities to connect with people directly as they see and ask about it. We have received numerous compliments regarding it and our brand overall.

On a personal note, I just passed my first year as GPRTA Executive Director. I appreciate greatly the support of members, the Board and my team on staff.

I look forward to an exciting next 12 months as we work together to promote the Grande Prairie Region as an excellent travel destination in a new world of tourism.