Discover West Tourism

9820 - 100 Avenue, Grande Prairie, Alberta, T8V 0T8

Phone: 780-814-5295


Discover West Tourism is committed to empowering the local tourism industry in Alberta and British Columbia year-round. Our goal is to increase and diversify travel in these communities by Creating, Developing & Sustaining tourism.

We proudly invest in local entrepreneurs, sporting and cultural events and marketing initiatives that drive tourism to rural Alberta and British Columbia. We aim to fuel economic growth, connect communities, create jobs, inspire consumers, spur cultural growth and energize future developments. Advertise your local business and receive funding that supports your community while positioning western Canada on the destination tourism map.

We provide funding with the aim of further creating, supporting, and developing tourism in western Canada. We believe in developing rural communities and their tourism by sponsoring local tourist attractions, businesses, sporting events, and charitable organizations.