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Valley Bee Café - Paradis Valley Honey

The BUZZING hub of BILINGUAL discovery. Visit us for an interactive journey through the fascinating world of bees.

A unique space that celebrates all things bees!!!

Valley Bee is a BUZZING hub of bilingual activity where you can actively discover the fascinating world of bees. Our immersive experience allows you to get up close and personal with the inner workings of a bee hive, explore seven generations of beekeeping family history, learn about the amazing tiny creatures, see the inside of a honey extraction plant, get access to fresh provisions from the beehive and indulge on honey inspired food and drinks.

Our NEW interactive app based scavenger hunts & virtual reality beekeeping experience ensure you will have an memorable time!
Valley Bee Cafe is the perfect place to visit for your next family adventure, corporate team building, school/team/group trips or an engaging outing with friends.

Our goal is to provide a memorable educational experience for guests of all ages. Come see what all the BUZZ is about!
Paradis Valley Honey Ltd. is a 7th generation family-owned enterprise. Since the beginning, our vision has been to sustainably collect honey & pollen from the hive for the domestic market. Over the years, we have steadily improved our systems and increased the volume of raw grade A product we prepare for the human consumption market. This is our story…

Danny was born into a long line of beekeepers — seven generations to be exact. His great-grandfather, Ulric Paradis, owned honey bees in St. Hughes, Quebec and had four sons; all of them became beekeepers. In the 50’s, Danny’s grandfather, Charles, decided to load his beehives on a train and transport them out west to a little known place called Girouxville, Alberta. It was often said back then that “the west was best” when it came to beekeeping. In fact, true to the slogan, Danny’s grandfather was able to successfully maintain healthy colonies in northern Alberta; he steadily grew his business and encouraged his family to continue in the beekeeping industry. His enterprise came to be known as Paradis and Son. Charles Paradis was the first in Canada to fly bees from California to northern Alberta to replace winter losses — a strategy that is now widely used amongst Canadian beekeepers who struggle with harsh winters. The honey bees were flown into Peace River, Alberta in the early 60’s. Innovation, creativity, and calculated risk were qualities that made Charles the successful beekeeper he was — truly a pioneer in growing the vision for beekeepers today.

Danny and I (Ginette) purchased our own bee operation in 2003, as Danny was very passionate about both the bees and keeping his family history alive. He brings to the hive several generations of experience, including his own hands-on work with his father. We are dedicated to keeping healthy hives and providing products from hive to table, unaltered as they should be. From day one, we made a decision to work solely and strictly with Canadian product, meaning that we do not purchase other foreign honey or pollen at lower costs and blend it into our own products. Our vision stands that our products will not be tampered or altered. All of our products come from the local work of our beekeepers, providing consumers with the health benefits associated with our local environment. The healing qualities and health benefits of both honey and pollen date back to Biblical times, and are best kept in their natural state.

We are proud and grateful to carry on a family tradition while also being able to live comfortable, happy lives as beekeepers.

We hope you enjoy our products just as much as we enjoy our jobs as beekeepers!