Rural Discover Destination Marketing Fund

9820 - 100 Avenue, Grande Prairie, Alberta, T8V 0T8

Phone: 780-814-5295

We are a Non Profit organization that’s sole purpose is to help the local communities we serve increase tourism activities and revenue by providing a sustainable source of support for tourism marketing.

RDDMF will entertain proposals for joint or Regional DMF marketing organizations including Travel Alberta, and other industry operators.

The intent of the RDDMF is the same as many other destination marketing funds that have recently been formed in Alberta and BC and that have existed across North America for many years. We desire to undertake new tourism marketing initiatives designed to be beneficial to the communities in which we do business.

We understand that the need to create on going sustainable sources of funding for tourism marketing is an issue of paramount importance. It is not viable for various levels of government to fund tourism marketing to the financial degree that the tourism industry believes necessary to have an impact at the regional or municipal level. It is time that industry steps forward with our own solution.

Destination Marketing Funds are creating a new model for tourism marketing, one that sees industry operators, particularly accommodation providers, with far more input than has ever existed before.