Fall In Love In (and With!) the Grande Prairie Region

Fall In Love In (and With!) the Grande Prairie Region

A Guide for Valentine’s Day and Beyond


Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to take the plunge and finally confess to someone you’ve been crushing on for some time, but the truth is Cupid works all year round. Your friends at #GPTourism have gathered together all our best romantic tips, tricks, and activities in the Grande Prairie region to help you find a partner to connect with in the Peace Country. Getting to experience Grande Prairie with a new special someone is also a great way to fall in love with our part of the world, whether for the first time or all over again!


Enjoying food with your date in Grande Prairie Region

Find Your Love

Dating apps might make finding a partner seem easy, but when you’ve swiped left on every potential paramour within 300km, it’s time to do things the old-fashioned way. Knowing where to go to find a like-minded soul is a great start – after all, if you share the same hobbies or tastes, lining up that first date will be easy.


Couple walking in Grande Prairie Region

Express Your Love

What is your partner’s love language? Is it spending quality time together? Maybe it’s trading gifts, sharing words of affirmation, or finding something a little more physically intimate? However they express their feelings, the Grande Prairie region offers some fantastic ways to make your partner feel loved.



Grabbing a drink with a friend in Grande Prairie Region

Reignite Your Love

Maybe you’ve been with your partner for a long time and the fires of love are burning a little low. Here are three surefire ways to rediscover what drew you together in the first place.


‘Tis Better to Have Loved and Lost…

We hope this guide struck you like Cupid’s arrow and inspired you to take some action in your love life. Of course, even if you’re flying solo, many of these activities can be enjoyed with non-romantic friends and partners – we’re sure your mom would equally enjoy a nice dinner at Padrino’s!

If you’re looking for even more date ideas, check out our 5 Unforgettable Winter Date Ideas blog.

As always, take care if you’re heading into the outdoors, be sure to take photographs of everything from landscapes to appetizers, and hit us up on social media with #GPTourism for a chance to share your best tips for romantic adventures in the Grande Prairie region experiences with the world!

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